Devon labs

We work to solve patients’ unmet medical and healthcare needs

We aim to improve their quality of life and optimize therapeutic results, providing management tools to carers and doctors, through new personalised care services and innovative therapies in the areas of pain and chronic disorders of the Central Nervous System (CNS).

About us

A Company dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life

Devon Labs is a young company whose purpose is to develop a new model that provides added value to patients.

We work to generate social impact in groups of chronically dependent patients and their carers, using products and personalised care services.


We focus on niche markets, with the goal of solving unmet needs, implementing new digital solutions that support conventional treatment.


The Devon Labs team has a long and successful track record in the pharmaceutical industry. It is made up of people with a variety of experience in the launch of new products and the creation of new commercial structures at national and international level.

At Devon Labs we are committed to finding solutions for patients and their families, from medicine to personalised care services.